About the blog

This is a blog about games.  Not just about games, though.  It’s about inclusion, it’s about roleplaying, it’s about other things that I think are relevant.  But considering how many games I play and talk about, it’s only fair that they get top billing.

Working at Massively, I’ve spent a lot of my time talking about a variety of different topics as they pertain to online games.  Here, I can talk about more than just online games, and more than just games, period.  I want to produce the same quality of writing, but I also want to do so in a wider stage.  And I’m hoping (perhaps erroneously) that the people who’ve enjoyed reading the former would like to read the latter as well.

About moderation

As it stands, moderation for comments is auto-enabled by default.  What this means in practice is that when you make a comment, it does not immediately show up on the page, but gets sent into the queue for me to approve or reject based upon the comment.  This is only for the first comment you make; subsequent comments are auto-approved by the system once you’re recognized.

That means if you’ve never commented before, there will be a brief delay before it shows up.  Don’t worry!  The moderation is mostly there just for filtering purposes; I don’t reject comments based on dissenting opinions.

About support

Full-time writing has been my job for the past year, ad one of my hopes with this blog is that it remains a sustainable model for me from here on out.  So reader support is appreciated.

If you’d like to subscribe to my Patreon campaign, that’s the easiest way to help ensure that I can continue writing here and providing more stuff for you to read.  Any little amount is, of course, appreciated.

Single donations are also welcome via PayPal.  As I’m not a non-profit organization I don’t have a Donate button, but if you’d like you can send along donations to expostninja at gmail dot com.

You can also help out just by spreading the word, commenting, sharing, and spreading information about what I’m doing here.  It’s always appreciated.

About me

I’m a gamer, husband, writer, and cat-parent in my 30s.  You’ll probably get a pretty clear picture from here.

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