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Final Fantasy VII And The Great Big Undeserved Credit

Remember when this looked cutting-edge?

I wonder how many people have sat down and seriously thought about the fact that this image stops being relevant less than ten hours into the game.

So today I got just a little bit angry when I posted on Facebook.  Nothing wrong with that, exactly; it happens a lot.  Specifically, I said that anyone who claims that Final Fantasy VII is the best thing Square has produced over the past fourteen years is either an asshole or a liar.

I meant it, too.

And the thing is, as soon as I said it, I knew that there was more to say.  Because I didn’t say that FFVII is a bad game (it’s not), I didn’t say that it shouldn’t be your favorite game (I don’t care), I didn’t even say that it was the worst thing.  But after reading yet another comment about how Square peaked in 1997, something in me finally snapped.  I’ve been watching this happen around every subsequent Final Fantasy title after the polygonal lens-flare-festival that pioneered the concept of a multi-disc game on the PlayStation, and it’s gone from being mildly odd to being downright stupid.

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