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LA Nawwwww

It's worth noting that the actual game is largely devoid of explosions.

Is Detective Cole Phelps tracking down a case that required an awful lot of explosions behind him, or is he suffering from severe gas? It’s kind of ambiguous.

I’m really late for a hard-hitting review of LA Noire, a fact I freely admit.  Worse yet, at least from my perspective, Chris over at Game By Night hit one of the really big failings of the game right off, which is one of the two major things that’s been going through my head recently as I’ve been playing the darn game.  But, hey, it’s still set to come out later this year for the PC, so I can at least get in some reasonable lead time to advise most players that it might not be all that and a bag of chips.

The problems with the game, however, don’t stop where the aforementioned post stops discussing them.  It’s kind of ironic that one of the first DLC cases for the game makes reference to electroplating, since the entire game feels like it’s been coated with a thin layer of awesome.  But a solid scratch makes it clear that there’s nothing underneath.

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