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Get Over It

Remember me as I was. Swarmed with teddy bears.

There are no doubt many images that I could use to memorialize Star Wars Galaxies with more dignity. That’s kind of why I picked this one instead.

First of all, I want to state for the record that I am unexpectedly sad about the fact that Star Wars Galaxies is closing down.  In every respect, I can understand why the players of the game would be sad and unhappy with this turn of events.  I have nothing but sympathy for the feelings of those affected by this shutdown, because really, there’s no way to frame this as anything less than sucking.

That having been said?  It’s done.

Sony has told you guys that you are not going to win this.  There’s no question, there’s no last-ditch rally to save the beach from Evil Mr. Shutdownington or whatever.  Sony stepped up and said “guys, the petition thing, it’s sweet, but it is also totally pointless.”  And yet the desperate requests to spread the word continue, as if somehow if you just got enough signatures it would somehow alter the space-time continuum and the companies would change their minds.

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